May 2, 2016

April Purchases | Budgeting Bloggers

May 2, 2016
This was definitely a good month for shopping. I didn't pick up too many items, but that things I did pick up I just can't stop wearing! First up is a pair of overalls from Madewell. I have been on the lookout for a pair for awhile but I couldn't find a pair I liked enough to commit to. Overalls are definitely not an everyday, essential item in my eyes, but I just really wanted a pair to wear in the summer and maybe with sweaters in the spring and fall. While $57 is more than I would normally pay for a fun item, it's not $118 so I'd say I got a pretty sweet deal. 

I also found myself in Gap a lot this month, I don't know how, my feet just keep going until I'm surrounded by khakis and button-downs (it's like I'm on autopilot, so weird). While looking through the clearance I found this bright orange boxy sweater and I just could not say no. I'm actually really glad I bought it because it's been chilly the past few weeks and this city hates me and doesn't want me to enjoy myself outside. I sized up for a looser fit and I wish they had this in more colors because I wold buy them allllllll. I also picked up a blue bandana because I have been seeing them everywhere and I love how they look tied around my neck or used to pull my hair back. I'm still trying to figure out how to tie it around my neck without looking totally stupid, but once I nail that down you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be wearing it all. the. time.

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April 8, 2016

Chambray Two Ways

April 8, 2016

TOP: J.Crew // CARDIGAN: Gap (similar) // JEANS: Gap // SHOES: Amazon

Today I'm collaborating with Kimi as apart of her two bloggers, one garment series! Y'all know that I'm all about the basics, and one of my hands down favorite items in my closet is my chambray shirt. I don't know what it is about chambray, but you can pair it with anything and it is guaranteed to look good, or your money back*. 

I find myself wearing my chambray shirt in more casual situations like going to class or hanging out of the weekend. Apparently New York decided that winter isn't over yet so I added my trusty Gap cardigan, black jeans, and black booties just for kicks. Honestly this look is just the cold weather version of this or the relaxed version of this. See what I mean when I say you can't go wrong?

Apparently I have my own little chambray uniform in place, but while I wouldn't think to layer a chambray shirt under a dress, Kimi does it and it totally works! First of all, I love her dress from Madewell and I think that the shirt underneath adds some contrast and interest. Make sure to head on over to Kimi's blog to see the rest of her pictures!

*I will not give you any money

April 7, 2016

March Purchases | Budgeting Bloggers

April 7, 2016
I am on a ROLL with limiting my shopping. Ha, take that consumerism! I crossed an item off my spring wishlist and I'm feeling very excited about it.  Black skinny jeans are a staple in my closet and my old pair was in need of replacing. My old jeans had a habit of stretching out after a couple of wears and immediately turned some shade of dark indigo, not black, after their first wash. I know that Gap makes quality denim, but this was the first time I've ever purchased jeans from them because they usually don't fit me! I was beyond surprised when I found my size and was overjoyed when they fit like a glove. They're skinny throughout but not constricting, they hold their shape impeccably well, and the best part? They didn't fade at all when I washed them. I've been wearing these jeans almost daily (ex: here and here) and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

While these jeans are basically perfect there is a catch– they collect lint easily which shows against the black so using a lint roller becomes a regular thing, but it's a small price to pay in my book. I scooped these up when they were having a 20% off sale, but for me they are worth even more than $70. I'm hoping Gap never changes or stops making these jeans because I don't know what I would do without them.

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April 4, 2016

April Small Goals

April 4, 2016
Hello April! Part of me is glad that spring is here and the other part of me is confused that school ends next month. Where did the year go? Either way, it's a new month, so that means that I have some new goals.

M A R C H  G O A L S

1. Go for a run | Done and dusted. I ran a mile around the village one Saturday morning and felt like I was going to die. I generally like running if I keep up with it, my problem is just getting started. I like to go early in the morning on the weekends when the city is still slow and sleepy, but I just can't manage to get myself out of bed that early!

2. Get rid of some clothes | Now that the school year is coming to a close and I have to start thinking about moving home for the summer by myself, I'm definitely trying to get rid of some things that I don't really wear to lighten my load. I ran through my closet and pulled out items that I want to part with, but I haven't gotten around to getting rid of them.

A P R I L  G O A L S

1. Make the bed every morning | I was never the one to make my bed in the morning, I never saw the point considering that once I got home I would just get back in, but in the past few weeks I started making my bed for no reason. I like accomplishing something (albeit a small thing) so early in the morning and having a tidy bed that helps make our room look less cluttered.

2. Drink at least 2 bottle of water daily | Humans need water. I don't drink enough. Simple as that. I washed out my Camelbak that I haven't used in months and I made a little water tracker in my journal to keep me motivated.

3. Clean my makeup brushes | I am the worst when it comes to cleaning makeup brushes. I've rarely breakout so using dirty brushes has never really affected my skin, but I know that there's a ton of product and gross stuff built up on my brushes that needs to be taken care of. A few weeks ago I accidentally dropped my powder brush behind the toilet and instead of cleaning it, I just stopped wearing powder (new level of laziness achieved). Hoping to give my makeup brushes a good scrub this weekend!

4. Keep up my skincare routine | While I never breakout, I do have a hyper pigmentation on my neck that I really don't like. I have a moisturizer that helps with it, but I am not a creature of habit and only use it when I feel like. I'm hoping to keep up with my skincare this month so I can finally have skin I feel more comfortable in!

Those are my goals this month, what are you trying to achieve?

March 31, 2016

Photo Diary: The Whitney

March 31, 2016
Despite the fact that I can get into a handful of museums for free as an NYU student, I didn't start checking out places until a month or two ago. On a nice Saturday morning, I headed to The Whitney located on The Highline about 20 minutes away from me. The Whitney is a very modern museum which is right up my alley. While I did enjoy a lot of the art work displayed, my favorite parts would have to be the outdoor terraces and the 5th floor gallery which is the largest column-free gallery space in the city. From up there, you could look out onto the Hudson River or look at the bustling city below. Laura Poitras' Astro Noise exhibit was one that was thought provoking and slightly concerning at the same time. I'm glad that I finally got myself to visit The Whitney, and I will definitely be returning to see all the new exhibits!

March 28, 2016

All Black

March 28, 2016
Top: H&M // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Converse // Backpack: c/o TOMS

As a New York transplant, black has quickly become my favorite color to wear. I almost only wear neutrals, but black definitely has a special place in my heart (how dark does that sound? haha!). If you ever don't know what to wear and you want to look put together, just put on all black and I'm sure your outfit will be a hit. I can't stop wearing these jeans from Gap. Yay for finally having black jeans that are actually BLACK– not some faded black/dark blue hue. When the sun is out and the weather is nice all I want to wear are simple little tank tops, and this one from H&M is by far my favorite. While its silky texture calls for a lot of adjusting, it always makes me feel put together and I am being to get my hands on a similar top in white!

March 24, 2016

Photo Diary: Brooklyn Bridge Park

March 24, 2016
Is there anything better than New York in the spring? A few weekends ago New York really decided to show off with clear skies and warm weather to boot. As a Texas native I embraced the beautiful weather and headed over to Brooklyn Bridge Park with my roommate to enjoy the day. I don't spend much time in Brooklyn and I honestly don't know why. Having a great view of Manhattan and two of the bridges, exploring the public art, admiring how the Empire State Building lines up with the Manhattan Bridge, and feeling the inherent energy the city possesses when the temps are dancing around 70 degrees, made me remember how magical this place is, and how lucky I am to be apart of it– even for a little while.

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