January 15, 2017

Winter 10x10 | Outfit 3

January 15, 2017
Shirt: Uniqlo // Jeans: J.Crew // Shoes: Adidas 

This is definitely the simplest outfit I have in my remix, but I still love it. I ended up swapping the sneakers for my bean boots because of the snow, and I really wished that I wore an undershirt because even with my J.Crew Factory coat and a hat, I still ended up getting a bit cold. I've been playing New York by ear, never really having set plans, so I wore this to get coffee with a friend which later turned into going to the MoMA to get out of the cold. I really love this fleece turtleneck and while I like the oversized fit, I think I might repurchase this a size down for a loose, but not too loose look. 

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January 14, 2017

Winter 10x10 | Outfit 2

January 14, 2017
Shirt: J.Crew // Sweater: Cotton On (similar) // Shoes: Adidas //  Pants: J.Crew 

This outfit was perfect for grabbing coffee with my old roommate in the morning. I ended up wearing my black puffer vest with this look because it was too cold to wear on its own but not cold enough to wear my J.Crew Factory coat. I also added a black beanie for extra warmth and red lipstick for some color. I love this outfit a lot more than I thought I would! Lately I've been dressing with a more relaxed Madewell vibe, but I forgot how much I love clean and simple looks like this. At the beginning I wasn't too sure on how much I'd like wearing a button down, but this one doesn't look or feel too formal which still makes this a great outfit for running errands like going to the bank or picking up another bottle of my Glossier skin tint (which is amazing, by the way)

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January 13, 2017

Winter 10x10 | Outfit 1

January 13, 2017
Shirt: Uniqlo // Vest: J.Crew Factory // Jeans: J.Crew // Shoes: Adidas

Here's my first outfit in my Winter 10x10! This is what I wore on my flight from Austin to New York. It was nice and 60 degrees when I got to the city so there was no need for a coat, just some light layering to keep me warm on the plane and keep me from getting too cold when the temperature started to dip at night. This fleece turtleneck as well as the jeans are soft and easy to wear and I always wear my puffer vest on flights when it's seasonally appropriate. The amount and the size of the pockets on this thing are ridiculous which makes it perfect for holding my phone, headphones, portable charger, lip balm, and boarding pass while navigating through the airport with all my stuff. 

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Winter 10x10 Challenge

I've always been really into the idea of a capsule wardrobe and have been reading blogs like Into Mind and Unfancy since their early days. As much as I love the idea, it never seemed right for me and instead I worked on creating a more intentional wardrobe without worrying about numbers and switching out items each season. However I can definitely get behind the idea of doing a mini capsule and the 10x10 challenge was perfect considering that I'll be on a 10 day mini trip before I start next semester. I'll be packing all of this in my duffle bag so I don't have to deal with rummaging through my suitcases to find something to wear. I had a lot of fun picking out these items and creating outfits that I wouldn't have thought of other wise!

I chose a few items that I really loved and then assessed what pieces were missing, created some outfits, made some edits, and kept going until I had a selection that felt right. Caroline's post here is great to read if you're unsure of where to start. I'll be doing a lot of flying and running around and will be dealing with temps between 60-30F and possibly some rain and snow. I personally didn't include my winter jackets or items like hats in my 10 items because they are definitely essentials and needed for practical purposes.

Down below I've listed each item I included with a bit about why I included it. I'll also be sharing my outfits here and on my instagram story so make sure to keep checking back!

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Adidas ZX Racers: These are my new babies and I am in Love with a capital L. I've been looking for the perfect athleisure shoe to replace my converse for day to day wear and these are perfect.

LL Bean Boots: My bean boots are the only shoe I have suited for any type of weather. They are also my heaviest and bulkiest shoe, so I plan on wearing these on the plane to save space in my bag.


J.Crew Snap Front PixieHands down the most comfortable pants to wear that also make you look put together. Thick enough to keep me warm, and stretchy enough to curl up in a ball while on a long flight.

J.Crew Lookout Highrise JeansWhen I first bought these jeans I wasn't crazy about them but they have now become my favorite pair of denim. They are also incredible soft and comfortable and they have a slightly looser fit for a skinny jean which makes them great for a causal day out.


J.Crew Boy ShirtI used to be a button-up fanatic but I think after wearing them everyday this summer, they started to lose their appeal. A crisp white button down makes any outfit look put together and this shirt has enough stretch to still be comfortable to wear all day long.

Everlane Box Cut TeeThis tee was my first Everlane purchase and I recently rediscovered it in my closet. It's the perfect tee to wear with high waisted pants and can goes with everything.

Uniqlo Fleece TurtleneckI love this turtleneck because fleece anything is always a winner in my book. It has an oversized fit on me and I love to layer it under everything or tuck it into a pair of jeans.


Gap Cardigan (Similar): There's no way I couldn't include at least one of my Gap cardigans. This is the coziest thing to wear and can be worn like a light coat if the weather isn't too chilly on under an actual coat for extra warmth.

J.Crew Factory Puffer VestA puffer vest is a winter staple and hands down the best thing to wear while traveling. It has pockets for days which makes it easy to keep track of the million and two things I need while traveling. It's also great for those of us who hate toting purses around.

Cotton On Cropped Sweater (Similar): Despite being a $5 purchase, this is one of my favorite sweaters. It's great on it's own, over a tee, or under a vest or cardigan. 

January 2, 2017

7 simple ways to prep for new years

January 2, 2017
Happy new year!

I hope you had tons of fun welcoming 2017 and most importantly kicking 2016 out the door. With January 1st comes plenty of resolutions and #newyearnewme mentality and while I agree that it's a noble thing to do, lets be honest and admit that most people don't follow through. While I won't be setting any big resolutions for this year because I know myself as a person, there are a few things I'm doing to kick off the new year.

Organizing my pinterest boards:
If you're like me then pinterest is a major source of inspiration and a great place to hold recipes, DIYs, and outfit ideas. Over time I've noticed that my style and interests have changed and now that pinterest lets you mass edit pins, it's easier than ever to go through your boards, delete the items that don't quite belong and more and possibly break down your boards into something more specific. Delete the outfits you'd never wear, get rid of the interiors that don't match your aesthetic, and if a goal of yours is to eat healthier you might want to get rid of some food pins that involve obscene amounts of fat, salt, and sugar etc. to curb any future cravings or temptation.

Reevaluating parts of my life that are important to me:
Last year I sat down with my notebook and a big cup of tea to evaluate my personal style for the year and how I wanted to continue to develop it going forward. I took note of items and styles that I really gravitated towards and made a mental list of what items I'd like to add to my closet or items that I was missing that I felt like I needed to really complete my wardrobe. You could apply this concept to the books you want to read in the following year (looking at what you liked/didn't like in the books that you read in 2016 and creating a curated reading list for 2017), recipes to make, movies to watch, etc.

Throwing out/donating a trash bag worth of items:
Doing a big purge is always refreshing no matter what time of the year it is, but doing so right after the holidays always feels the most rewarding. Maybe santa brought you a new sweater, or a purse, or a gift card of some sort. This is a perfect time to bring in some, new higher quality items while letting go of some items that could be loved better by someone else. I'm also using the new year to throw out all the old notes, drawings, and knick knacks that I've been hoarding since forever. I want it to feel like a vacation when I come home, not like I'm back in middle school.

There's some other things you might consider doing like updating your LinkedIn/resume, deleting random Facebook friends, unsubscribing from email newsletters and notifications, or backing up and deleting old photos from your phone, but I think this is a good place to start!

December 31, 2016

so here we are.

December 31, 2016
2016. What a mess, right? 2016 was not my year, but then again, was it anyones year? It feels like the world was knocked slightly off its axis with all that went down. Trump was elected president, it feels like everyday another celebrity has died, terrorist attacks all over, Aleppo, the list of bad news continues and feels never ending.

In conjunction with all that went down in the world, this year, the past semester in particular, has been the roughest part of my life so far. My anxiety and stress was at an all time high and I've had too many sleepless nights, phone calls to people with tears in my eyes, and full blown breakdowns than I'd like to admit. I felt incapable of the tiniest of things, I hated myself for any and every little mistake, I felt inferior and like I didn't belong or deserve to be where I was, I was barely keeping my head above water. I have without a doubt placed unrealistic expectations on myself and have ruthlessly beaten myself up anytime I fell short of these expectations, which naturally was about 99.99% of the time. And so with all of this, I started to give up– and I think that was the best thing I could have done. While my GPA this semester will probably beg to differ (sorry dad), giving up and giving in allowed me to redefine what was important and allowed me to focus on the things that make me feel happy.

I was so stressed and tired trying to stop myself from crumbling that I ended up letting myself do just that– I crumbled, I fell apart.

And when I fell apart I learned to stop caring, and this is when the magic started to happen. I have always felt a need to be in control, to know what's coming and for everything to follow the script I've made up in my head. Unfortunately for me, life doesn't give a shit about what you want it to do and learning to not care, to relinquish some control, or really understand that I wasn't in control in the first place, made handling all the curveballs a lot easier. I haven't reached the total "hippie-dippy", go with the flow, que sera sera level of peace yet, and I don't anticipate that I ever will, but now I'm aware that it exists and I know that things have a way of working out in the end.

While 2016 is a year that I'm ready to move on from, plenty of good things happened. I finished my first year of college, formed a solid group of friends, had the best internship with the best people, loved someone, cooked more, and I think this is the year that I fully realized how important it is to take care of myself, like really take care of myself.

I'm hoping that 2017 brings a rush of good feelings, wonderful news, and more peace and happiness. And if it doesn't, I'm trusting that I'll be able to find some good among the bad, and if I can't find it, then I'll create it.

Dear 2017, please be gentle and i'm sure we'll get along just fine.

December 6, 2016

Christmas Wishlist

December 6, 2016
I've made my list and I've checked it twice and these are some of the things I have my eye on for Christmas! I'm notoriously hard to shop for so my parents just ask for what I want and I typically pick out one or two items I wouldn't normal buy myself as my gift. The only problem is that my list this year is quite practical and I don't know what exactly to ask for!

The only waterproof jacket I own is my full out winter jacket, so this red waterproof pullover would be perfect for rainy day adventures. I'm also in need of a good bag to carry around during the day that  is not my backpack. I've been using my Everlane tote for awhile, and although I love it, I would love to add another bag to my collection that has a zipper for maximum security and that looks more polished than my twill tote. This purse matches my ankle boots which is just another reason why I need this bag in my life ASAP. 

I'm the type of person who falls asleep in whatever is convenient, but this PJ (top, shorts) set is just too cute to handle. Everlane just released their own PJ line and now I think I might have to get this tunic as a gift to myself. 

I've heard that packing cubes are all the rage, and as someone who actually enjoys packing and always need to have my stuff organized, this is a necessity for me. Another necessity is a good pair of shoes to walk in day to day. While my beloved converse will always be a classic, the Adidas Sambas are a bit more stylish and put together. 

And finally to round out my wishlist is the Away Carry-On and the Everlane Weekender. I'm planning on doing a bit of traveling next year and would love a carry on bag that is functional and stylish. I'm really drawn to the Away bag because it's a suitcase, my preferred type of carry on, and they put so much time and thought into crafting the ideal carry on. On the other hand, the Everlane Weekender is much easier to store (a big plus for this New Yorker) and matches my backpack for ultimate travel style. The Everlane is about half the price of the Away bag which is an added perk, but I keep going back and forth on which one I like better. 

So there's my Christmas list! What do you have your eye on this holiday season?