September 29, 2016

Getting Ready for Boot Season

September 29, 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year, it's boots season y'all! I love a good pair of boots and I definitely love that it's starting to get cool enough to wear them. Ankle, chelsea, combat, cowboy– whatever kind of boots they are, they're perfect for fall. I feel like boots are something you should really invest in, and I have a few tips to find the best boots for fall, and keep them in great shape.

I love a good ankle boot and I finally got my hands on the Billie Boot from Madewell that everyone and their mother has. As much as I love suede, leather is more durable and will look a lot better for longer. These shoes have a heel which makes them perfect for nighttime, but they're still super easy to walk in and I have no problem wearing them to class, work, the grocery store and everywhere in between. 

While leather is pretty durable and holds up better than other materials, it still needs to be taken care of to keep it in tip top shape. My dad has quite a collection of leather shoes and I have plenty of memories of him polishing and buffing his shoes weekly. 

Anytime I buy suede or leather shoes I always always always make sure to waterproof them and protect them. I bought this leather protector on amazon and it was the easiest thing to use. You rub the wax all over the shoes and let it soak in for a day, that's it! This wax in particular darkened the color of my boots slightly, but not enough to really change the look. Leather is a natural material, and much like our own skin it needs to be moisturized to look good and prevent any cracking or dryness. Using a leather protector every few months will keep your boots looking good and make them last much longer.

Lastly, let's talk a second about socks. First of all, if you're not wearing socks with your boots please reevaluate your life. Secondly, if you are trying to break in a new pair of leather boots please for the love of God wear a thick pair of socks. Not only will they help stretch out your boots faster, but they will prevent you from getting the worst blister of your life (speaking from experience here). I made the mistake and wore a pair of regular ankle socks from H&M and I paid for it by the end of the day. I'm a bit partial to Bombas (I'm an intern for them!), but a good pair of thick socks will make breaking in boots less painful. I'm looking forward to wearing these marl calf socks slouched atop my ankle boots, but if you don't want your socks to be a part of your outfit, I'd advise wearing a pair of no-show socks, or black ankle socks.

I hope this post was helpful! I'm curious, what kinda of boots do you plan to rock this fall?

September 26, 2016

September 22, 2016

Toned Down

September 22, 2016
Jacket: Aeropostale // Top: Madewell // Jeans: Topshop // Shoes: Converse // Necklace: DIY

Lately everyday has been a t-shirt and jeans kinda day. Which is fine, except for the fact that I've totally loss my accessorizing touch. Rewind to a few years ago and I was constantly covered in rings and necklaces galore. While it wasn't always well done, it was always interesting and kept my outfits from feeling like I just tossed them on and rolled out of bed. I've started to steer away from my flashy necklaces (unless the occasion calls for it, in that case bring it on), and now I'm lucky if I even remember to put on my watch in the morning. 

The necklace I'm wearing is one of the few that I brought back to college with me this semester, it reminds me of when I made it at TxSC a few years ago and it's the perfect piece to add to a simple look. Not too flashy where it attracts all the attention, but just interesting enough where it can turn jeans and a t-shirt into a real outfit.  

Today may be the first day of fall, but I am desperately waiting for the weather to cool down for real. I'm ready to break out all my sweaters and cardigans and look cozy 24/7. I trimmed down my closet a lot when I came back to New York, and I'm ready for another season to roll around so I can feel inspired by my closet again. 

Here's to hoping that fall weather comes quickly!

September 14, 2016

Lazy Day

September 14, 2016
Cardigan: Gap (similar) // Top: H&M // Jeans: Topshop // Shoes: Adidas

Let's be honest.

My style is pretty boring. Especially with my hectic schedule nowadays, I find myself wearing the same look over and over and over again– and I'm totally okay with that. I met up with my old roommates at Bluestone Lane a few weeks ago to catch up over brunch and enjoy my first free weekend back in New York. While I do love brunch, getting out of bed to get ready that morning was a true struggle, and I wanted nothing but to be comfy and cozy while I inhaled a bacon and egg roll and swooned over our server's Australian accent. 

This cardigan is probably my favorite item ever and every occasion is the perfect occasion to wear it. Add a tank top, stretchy jeans, cute tennis shoes, and a tote bag and you have an outfit suitable for your laziest of days. The only thing I could have added to make this even more relaxed would be a baseball cap, which I may or may not have acquired recently. Looks like I know what I'm wearing this weekend....

September 9, 2016

Life Lately

September 9, 2016
Hi, Hello! For those of you who don't follow me on instagram, I'm back in New York and my sophomore year here at NYU is currently underway. It's been about two and a half weeks since I got back and plenty has already happened. I moved into my new place in Soho, was on the media team for NYU's massive Welcome Week, started my internship at Bombas, and started classes. 

I thought I was ready to get back into the swing of things, especially after my lackluster summer, but boy was I wrong. In the past few weeks I have struggled like no other. 

I've felt physically exhausted despite sleeping eight hours a night and eating healthy. I've managed to lose enough weight where my jeans are too loose and my shorts slide around my hips. I've had to remind myself to breathe and calm myself down to prevent me from crying, going into full panic/anxiety mode, or to steady my hand enough to legibly write my name on the damn sign-in sheet. 

While these weeks have been some of the most challenging ones yet, they've also been filled with new friends, dinner parties, cooking healthy meals and having lunch in the park, wonderful professors and classes that I think I'll really enjoy.  And when my body randomly decides that 6:30am is the perfect time to wake up, which has happened multiple times, then I get to enjoy some quiet mornings and sunrises, too. 

This whole growing up and taking on more responsibilities while trying to figure out who you are and what you want in life is quite a demanding, and lengthy, process. I am currently going between feeling like I can do it all, and second guessing every move I make. I'm working on figuring out what forms of self-care help me the most (if you have any suggestions, please let me know!) because at this rate, I'll be burnt to a crisp before halloween. 

I want to push myself to write or talk more about my struggles and shortcomings because I find that being vulnerable is a very powerful thing. Who knows if those writings will ever make it to the blog, or if they'll ever be written in the first place. 

If you feel like you're struggling, know that I am too. And that's okay.

September 5, 2016

August Purchases | Budgeting Bloggers

September 5, 2016

Hello hello! I'm back with another monthly purchase post. Despite August being my birthday month, the only thing I bought was this new backpack! I love my TOMS backpack and used it throughout my first year of college, but it's a bit on the small side. Now that I live farther away from campus, I know that I'd need more room to carry things so I don't have to come home in the middle of the day to swap out stuff.

I got this Everlane backpack while I was still home in Texas and used for my flight back to the city. It was perfect for holding everything I needed and keeping me organized. I've been using it for the past three weeks or so and I'm in love with it. I wish it was a touch bigger, but it does hold everything I need easily and looks pretty stylish if I do say so myself. In a few weeks or so once I really start using it for school I'll make sure to do a more thorough review here on the blog!

August 16, 2016

The Summer of '16

August 16, 2016
If you asked me a few weeks ago if I was ready to go back to new york, my answer would have been yes. absolutely. positively. yes.

If you asked me today? well I’d be torn. I’m torn because the past few weeks have been some of the best weeks with the best people and I’m not ready to part from that. 

In high school I never felt like I was getting the high school experience that is so prevelant on tv shows, movies, and the instagrams and  snap stories of the few friends I had who attended public school. I stayed in mostly, mainly due to my inability to drive (and let’s be real my love for netflix) and generally wasnt very social outside of school. Due to the fact that this is most likely my last full summer at home and my friends a year younger than me are getting ready to head out to college for the first time, the past few weeks have been spent with getting together with people and enjoying ourselves for one last time.

I had friends over for my Moonrise Kingdom themed birthday party and we talked, listened to music, roasted smores, and caught up with one another. I wish I had pictures to show y’all but it was the perfect way to spend my birthday. For our last hoorah my friends Jess and Sydney hosted a Beatles themed murder mystery party out on our friend’s farm. It was hot, it smelled very much like a farm, basically no one had any idea what they were doing, but we were carefree, and we were too loud, and we had too much energy, and we were being young. 

Sometimes i forget that. 

i am young.

I haven’t even been 19 for a full week yet. I have an entire life of adventures before me, and as exciting as they may be, I should be in no rush to get to them. New york really knows how to make a person grow up, fast. 

Here I am getting ready for next semester setting up internships, trying to figure out my budget and how much to allocate for groceries and transportation, thinking about if I want to go to grad school or what I want to do in life and how to get there. I’m notorious for thinking 10 years ahead and being mature for my age. while I love new york, the people, the experiences and opportunities, the sights and sounds, I desperately need these nights with friends at the farm, or the afternoons at the pool, or the mornings cooking with Jess at my house. 

I need to watch dumb videos with my friends while the guys try to explain to me the difference between a doggo and a pupper (not to be confused with a doge, my generation is weird y’all). 

I need to not give a shit sometimes. 

I need to be more open with people and invest time in my friends. 

I need to be young, and relaxed, and dare I say a little reckless. 

I'm so glad that I got to make some amazing memories with amazing people, and I'm grateful that I remembered to document some of it. I want to remember belting at the top of our lungs and dancing in a dark kitchen, I want to remember the short lived pick-up basketball games, I want to remember holding your hand, I want to remember the unbelievable story involving a snake, a pigeon, and a rabbit.

I may be a little biased, but my people are the best people. I know that we'll always have facebook and snapchat and whatever other social media outlet that decides to pop up between now and forever, but I love my friends and the way they make me feel, and I don't want to leave them–at least not yet.