January 29, 2014


 I figure I should start the post by explaining the title... I'm absolutely horrible at coming up with names for outfit posts. I put this on and the first thing to come to mind was the powerpuff girls because let's be honest, who doesn't think of the powerpuff girls when they see pink, blue, and green together?  I would honestly pay someone to make up titles for me. I bring the cute outfits, you bring the witty titles. Deal?
Sweater, Pants, Bag: H&M >> Shoes: Charlotte Russe >> Sunglasses: Forever 21
4 comments on "Powerpuff"
  1. I'm with you, I am the worst with post titles! When in doubt, title it with the colors/patterns worn in the outift... "cobalt, green & pink." Speaking of color scheme, this one is perfect. I would have never thought to pair my army green pants with a cobalt top! As soon as I can find a cobalt top, I most definitely will be copying this outfit. Pinning to my Pinterest now! :)

    <3 danielle

  2. you're so offish with your badass shoes! get it, girl! now, i'm all wondering which PPG you are. hm...

    xo nicole

  3. Army green goes with anything! Can't wait to see your take on this outfit!!

  4. I think I'm a mix between blossom and buttercup... your thoughts?